Thurrock Island: Bryony and the Plastic Problem Audiobook

We are excited to share our read-along audiobook with you! Get ready to Join Bryony and her friends in their mission to save the island, reduce the pollution and reverse climate change. Throughout Summer 2020, members of the Thurrock community took part in the weekly activities led by Cece Luna Costume & Arts, and… Continue reading Thurrock Island: Bryony and the Plastic Problem Audiobook

Thurrock Island | Week 3

Activity 3 - Design a Character Hello and welcome to Week 3 This week’s activity is to design a character. Thurrock Island is inhabited by a community called the Landfolk, and the Merfolk live in the surrounding sea. The Landfolk are just like you and me, however the Merfolk live underwater, they can breathe underwater… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 3