Be a Part of our Community

During the Thurrock Island project we were surprised by the positive community spirit that came with the Thurrock Island Facebook Group. When we were looking to advertise our project we found there wasn't a group dedicated to creativity in Thurrock, so we thought why not start one ourselves! So here it is, Cece Luna presents… Continue reading Be a Part of our Community

Thurrock Island 2020 Community Art Gallery

Hello and welcome to the Thurrock Island Community Art Gallery! Thurrock Island was a community participation project that began in Summer 2020 and invited the community of Thurrock to create artworks which have been used to create a storybook with the themes of climate change, teamwork, diversity, and community. The Storybook "Thurrock Island: Bryony and… Continue reading Thurrock Island 2020 Community Art Gallery

Thurrock Island 2020 is drawing to a close. What’s next?

We are heading towards the end of the Thurrock Island Community Art Project for 2020 and we hope that you have enjoyed it so far. If you have missed any of the weekly activities, don’t worry, you still have a little time left to enter. Below is a summary of all 7 weekly activities. Activity… Continue reading Thurrock Island 2020 is drawing to a close. What’s next?

Thurrock Island | Week 7

Activity 7 - Transformation Good morning! Today we are announcing the last activity of the project, we really hope you have enjoyed it so far. This week’s activity is to design flowers and plants to show the landscape transforming as the Landfolk and Merfolk work together to reduce climate change and pollution. What is your… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 7

Thurrock Island | Week 6

Activity 6 - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle Hello and welcome to Week 6 This week we are challenging you to transform items from around your home into something new. Before you throw out that cereal box or plastic bottle of washing up liquid, stop and think, could this be a building or a submarine. Could a… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 6

Thurrock Island | Week 5

Activity 5 - Sea Plants & Corals Good morning and welcome to Week 5. Our task for you this week is to design some sea plants and corals for the underwater landscape in which the Merfolk live. What do you think it looks like under the water? Do you remember any sea plants from when… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 5

Thurrock Island | Week 4

Activity 4 - Create a Costume Hello there! Today marks the halfway point of our activities and we really hope that you have been enjoying them so far. For Week 4 we are challenging you to create a costume or part of a costume. This could be for the character you designed last week, a… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 4

Thurrock Island | Week 3

Activity 3 - Design a Character Hello and welcome to Week 3 This week’s activity is to design a character. Thurrock Island is inhabited by a community called the Landfolk, and the Merfolk live in the surrounding sea. The Landfolk are just like you and me, however the Merfolk live underwater, they can breathe underwater… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 3

Thurrock Island | Week 2

Activity 2 - Sea Creatures Good morning! For Week 2 we are asking you to draw sea creatures. These sea creatures will be used to inhabit the sea around Thurrock Island. What do you think lives in the sea around the Island? Is there a huge whale or a tiny shrimp? A slithery eel or… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 2

Thurrock Island | Week 1

Activity 1 - Draw a Building Hello and welcome to Thurrock Island. Our first task for you is to draw a building. This could be any building that you like, such as your home, a place that you have special memories of or somewhere from your imagination. The buildings will be used to populate Thurrock… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 1