Be a Part of our Community

During the Thurrock Island project we were surprised by the positive community spirit that came with the Thurrock Island Facebook Group. When we were looking to advertise our project we found there wasn’t a group dedicated to creativity in Thurrock, so we thought why not start one ourselves!

So here it is, Cece Luna presents two new Facebook groups, one for all things creative in Thurrock and one dedicated to costume.

Creative Community Thurrock

Cece Luna Costume & Arts have set up the Facebook group Creative Community Thurrock.

This group is for you to share all things creative.

From your art & illustrations, to your crafty makes & textile creations, music, dance & drama, cake art and more.

We invite you to use this space as a platform to share your creations, to advertise creative workshops and events to inspire others to get creative and learn something new.

Costume Crew

Hello and welcome to Cece Luna’s Costume Crew!

We created this group as a space to connect with other costumiers and discuss all things theatre and costume.

Feel free to share your costume creations, what projects you are working on, and advertise any vacancies or opportunities within the costume industry.

Don’t be afraid to ask for tips and advice, I’m sure all members of the Costume Crew will be happy to help.

We are excited to launch these two new Facebook groups and we would be honoured if you would join our community.

Let’s get creative!

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