Thurrock Island: Bryony and the Plastic Problem

Hello! We are excited to reveal the Thurrock Island Storybook, which our Emily has been busy working on since the end of the Thurrock Island 2020 Community Art Project. Throughout the summer, members of the Thurrock community took part in the weekly activities and submitted their artworks for a chance to be featured in the… Continue reading Thurrock Island: Bryony and the Plastic Problem

Be a Part of our Community

During the Thurrock Island project we were surprised by the positive community spirit that came with the Thurrock Island Facebook Group. When we were looking to advertise our project we found there wasn't a group dedicated to creativity in Thurrock, so we thought why not start one ourselves! So here it is, Cece Luna presents… Continue reading Be a Part of our Community

Thurrock Island 2020 Community Art Gallery

Hello and welcome to the Thurrock Island Community Art Gallery! Thurrock Island was a community participation project that began in Summer 2020 and invited the community of Thurrock to create artworks which have been used to create a storybook with the themes of climate change, teamwork, diversity, and community. The Storybook "Thurrock Island: Bryony and… Continue reading Thurrock Island 2020 Community Art Gallery