Thurrock Island 2020 is drawing to a close. What’s next?

We are heading towards the end of the Thurrock Island Community Art Project for 2020 and we hope that you have enjoyed it so far. If you have missed any of the weekly activities, don’t worry, you still have a little time left to enter. Below is a summary of all 7 weekly activities.

Activity 1 – Draw a Building

Houses, shops, hospitals and more. Create a building to populate the landscape of Thurrock Island.

Activity 2 – Sea Creatures

Thurrock Island is surrounded by a deep blue sea. What do you think is living under the water? Create your own sea creatures to live in the ocean.

Activity 3 – Design a Character

Who is living on the island? Design your own character and build the community of Thurrock Island.

Activity 4 – Create a Costume

This week is all about getting creative and trying something new. Have a go at creating a costume for your character.

Activity 5 – Sea Plants & Corals

Design sea plants and corals to form the landscape deep in the ocean surrounding Thurrock Island.

Activity 6 – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Create your own island from cardboard boxes and more. Recycle what would have been waste into something new.

Activity 7 – Transformation

Design flowers and plants to show the landscape of Thurrock Island transforming as the Landfolk and Merfolk work together to reduce climate change and pollution.

The closing date for all entries is 31st August 2020. To be in with a chance of having your artwork featured in the Thurrock Island storybook and gallery please scan or photograph your artwork and either upload a JPEG or PNG image of your artwork to the Thurrock Island Facebook group or email them to

Visit our Thurrock Island page for more information.

Exciting things to look out for this September!

The team at Cece Luna are busy collating the Thurrock Island artworks from the community to create a storybook and an online art gallery which will be unveiled at Thurrock Festival Digital on 19th September 2020.

We also have another exciting surprise instore for you, during the summer the team at Cece Luna have been busy creating a largescale costume and puppet called Mandi which will also be unveiled at Thurrock Festival this year! Mandi is made entirely from recycled and repurposed materials and will greet the T100 walkers as they enter Grays Wharf for Kinetika’s Spring Clean Mandala Making Activity on 19th September 2020. We are excited to share with you more information about Mandi very soon.

Before you go . . .

Please could you fill in the survey below? Your answers will help us design our future projects.

Thank you so much for taking part, see you back here soon!

The Team at Cece Luna

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