Thurrock Island | Week 4

Activity 4 – Create a Costume

Hello there! Today marks the halfway point of our activities and we really hope that you have been enjoying them so far.

For Week 4 we are challenging you to create a costume or part of a costume. This could be for the character you designed last week, a magical Merfolk or sea creature, or someone who lives on the Island.

We want you to think creatively, what can you reuse or repurpose that you already have at home, such as old clothing, plastic wrappings, newspapers, and cardboard packaging.

Your costume can be any size, for example, you could make it to fit yourself or a family member, or you could model it on an artist’s wooden mini-manikin or doll. You could even recycle a water bottle or a kitchen roll tube into a mannequin to use in this activity. You can make a full costume or just an accessory such as a hat or some jewellery.

To be in with a chance of having your costume featured in the Thurrock Island Gallery at Thurrock Festival Digital in September 2020, please photograph your costume and either upload a JPEG or PNG image of your costume to the Thurrock Island Facebook group or email them to

And don’t forget to mention whether your costume is for one of the Landfolk or Merfolk living on or around Thurrock Island.

We are looking forward to seeing what you create.

Please share your costumes on social media using #ThurrockIsland 

Click here to download a pdf of this week’s task, and the Thurrock Island Concept and FAQs.

Check back here on Friday 7th August for the Week 5 activity. Or subscribe to our mailing list below to receive an email when the next activity is live.

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