Thurrock Island | Week 1

Activity 1 – Draw a Building

Hello and welcome to Thurrock Island.

Our first task for you is to draw a building. This could be any building that you like, such as your home, a place that you have special memories of or somewhere from your imagination. The buildings will be used to populate Thurrock Island, so we are looking for a range of different buildings, from houses to community buildings such as schools, shops, and places of worship. This Island is your island so you can choose what is there.

Get creative with different medias, pencils, felt-tips or why not try a collage, a painting or something digital.

To be in with a chance of having your building featured in the Thurrock Island storybook please scan or photograph your artwork and either upload a JPEG or PNG image of your artwork to the Thurrock Island Facebook group or email them to

You can draw straight from your imagination or feel free to use our downloadable template as a guide. We are looking forward to seeing the diverse range of buildings that you create.

Please share your artwork on social media using #ThurrockIsland 

Click here to download a pdf of this week’s task, and the Thurrock Island Concept and FAQs.

Check back here on Friday 17th July for the Week 2 activity. Or subscribe to our mailing list below to receive an email when the next activity is live.

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