Thurrock 100 May Mandalas

The Thurrock 100 theme this year is T100 Calling and is a call to action for communities to come together and creatively re-imagine our future. One of the activities for the T100 Calling was May Mandalas, a series of activities that served as a springboard to create your own mandala design. During the 2020 T100 walks the plan is to create a series of mandalas along the route.

In May 2020 Emily & Carole took part in this project which was run online by Kinetika. They created Mandalas made from plastic bottles and other recycled materials.

“Following on from our participation in Land of the Fanns 100 Stories, Katie invited us to get involved in Thurrock 100 May Mandalas. Katie dropped off a lovely activity pack for us to work through during the project, which was also available for the community to download from Kinetika’s T100 website.

We enjoyed working through the packs and getting involved in the May Mandala Facebook group and seeing everyone else’s responses to the themes.

Together we created a mandala from twigs, leaves, and flowers from the garden, and we both created our own mandalas from recycled materials.”

Emily Moon

Nature Mandala by Emily & Carole

“I enjoyed getting creative with recycled materials and created a couple of mandalas from plastics I had been collecting for another art project, including soap bottles and water bottles. I have been investigating what plastics can be recycled locally and which ones can but aren’t in Thurrock’s kerbside collection. I found it interesting taking apart the soap pump and seeing the innerworkings of it, which include a spring and clear plastic ball. I used these elements to create a mandala as part of the project.”

Carole Moon

“I also made a mandala from my most used craft supplies which I attempted to arrange in a colour wheel to resemble a rainbow for the NHS.

I feel inspired by the symmetry and concentric circles of the mandalas and I am considering how this could be used to inspire or create a costume design in the future, such as a design around a pancake tutu.”

Emily Moon

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