Art in Lockdown

During Lockdown Emily & Carole have been taking part in various online art sessions. Their favourite so far has been the Sky VIP Landscape Artist Online Workshop on 20th & 21st June 2020. This was a workshop given by Tom Voyce and presented by Kathleen Soriano.

“I booked these online workshops as a surprise for Emily but forgot to tell her about it until the night before. She was really excited and made sure we were both awake on time and ready to work before the livestream began.

During the workshops Tom Voyce, who is one of the previous winners of Landscape Artist of the Year, talked us through how he would paint and approach the scene. We were given an image of the view from the Sunken Garden at Ian Fleming’s house in Jamaica.

I felt truly out of my comfort zone as I haven’t drawn a landscape before and wasn’t sure how to begin but Emily gave me some tips and helped me to get the basics in such as the horizon line to start me off.”

Carole Moon

Emily Drawing in Adobe Fresco

“During the first workshop I decided to work in pencils. I started by sketching it all out with a 2B pencil and then went over it in colour, combining different tones to add depth and dimension. And then during the second workshop I chose to recreate the scene digitally using Adobe Fresco on my iPad.

I really enjoyed the workshops, as I didn’t have a lot of previous experience drawing landscapes, so it was really interesting trying something different and experimenting with the different medias.”

Emily Moon

“I am really pleased with my landscapes and am itching to create some more art. I feel really proud to have had my pencil drawing featured in the second workshop and the comments from Tom and Kathleen made my day and were a real boost to my confidence. In the second workshop I decided to get a little more experimental and tried using oil pastels for the first time, I am really happy with the outcome and would like to create some more artwork with oil pastels in the future.”

Carole Moon

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