Land of the Fanns 100 Stories

In January 2020 Emily & Carole took part in the Story Illustration Workshop organised by Kinetika where they worked on drawings to illustrate their stories.

When lockdown came in in March 2020, Kinetika had to cancel their future workshops and instead participants worked at home to produce the drawings for the batik flags to illustrate their particular stories.

“In January we attended the Story Illustration Workshop together at High House led by Jo Beal. During the workshop we shared our stories with the other attendees and started working on our illustrations and sketching what we wanted to include on our flags.

My story themes were Wild Orchids in my Garden and Bird Watching at Rainham Marshes and Emily’s were Wildlife Rangers at Langdon Hills Nature Park and Cycling to Chafford Gorge.

Because of lockdown we couldn’t come back to the Kinetika studios to finalise our designs, so instead Jo emailed our illustrations from the workshop through to us to develop and Ali dropped off a pack containing the dot and cross paper and an envelope to send it back to the studios for waxing.”

Carole Moon

“At home we worked on our designs, enlarging them, and perfecting the line work. For this we used pencils and drew over the lines in bold black felt tip pens, and we also did some digitally on my iPad using Adobe Draw.

We checked the scale of our drawings and resized as needed using our photocopier and laid them out on dot and cross paper to decide on their positioning.

Finally, we photographed our designs and layouts and sent them through digitally to Jo before posting back the originals.

It has been really exciting to see our designs being waxed and painted on Kinetika’s social media and at the Zoom meeting as it isn’t possible for us to be in the studios at the moment due to social distancing.”

Emily Moon

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