Thurrock Island | Week 3

Activity 3 - Design a Character Hello and welcome to Week 3 This week’s activity is to design a character. Thurrock Island is inhabited by a community called the Landfolk, and the Merfolk live in the surrounding sea. The Landfolk are just like you and me, however the Merfolk live underwater, they can breathe underwater… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 3

Thurrock Island | Week 2

Activity 2 - Sea Creatures Good morning! For Week 2 we are asking you to draw sea creatures. These sea creatures will be used to inhabit the sea around Thurrock Island. What do you think lives in the sea around the Island? Is there a huge whale or a tiny shrimp? A slithery eel or… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 2

Thurrock Island | Week 1

Activity 1 - Draw a Building Hello and welcome to Thurrock Island. Our first task for you is to draw a building. This could be any building that you like, such as your home, a place that you have special memories of or somewhere from your imagination. The buildings will be used to populate Thurrock… Continue reading Thurrock Island | Week 1

Welcome to Thurrock Island

Hello and welcome to Thurrock Island Thurrock Island is a community participation project for all ages, creating artworks with the community to be used in a storybook. The project launches on Friday 10th July 2020 and will run until 31st August 2020. Each week we will launch a new art activity, here on our website… Continue reading Welcome to Thurrock Island

Art in Lockdown

During Lockdown Emily & Carole have been taking part in various online art sessions. Their favourite so far has been the Sky VIP Landscape Artist Online Workshop on 20th & 21st June 2020. This was a workshop given by Tom Voyce and presented by Kathleen Soriano. “I booked these online workshops as a surprise for… Continue reading Art in Lockdown

Thurrock 100 May Mandalas

The Thurrock 100 theme this year is T100 Calling and is a call to action for communities to come together and creatively re-imagine our future. One of the activities for the T100 Calling was May Mandalas, a series of activities that served as a springboard to create your own mandala design. During the 2020 T100 walks… Continue reading Thurrock 100 May Mandalas

Land of the Fanns 100 Stories

In January 2020 Emily & Carole took part in the Story Illustration Workshop organised by Kinetika where they worked on drawings to illustrate their stories. When lockdown came in in March 2020, Kinetika had to cancel their future workshops and instead participants worked at home to produce the drawings for the batik flags to illustrate… Continue reading Land of the Fanns 100 Stories

Fun Palaces at Grays Library

Fun Palaces is a community art event across the UK and worldwide, that takes place on a weekend in October each year. Emily & Carole attended the event at Grays Library on 5th October 2019 with Hi Ching and Cristina Bodolan where they displayed some of their costumes and did a drawing activity workshop. “We… Continue reading Fun Palaces at Grays Library