Thurrock 100 Welcome to the Kitchen Table

In 2019 the theme for Thurrock 100 was Welcome to the Kitchen Table, and invited the local communities to share their stories through recipes that were written up and drawn in workshops led by Kinetika artists. These were transformed into two hand-printed tablecloths and 27 small silk flags that travelled with a core team of artists and local volunteers on a 15-day continuous walk. The aim was to meet new people, inviting them to join in and see the places that they already knew from a fresh perspective, starting a conversation while sharing food together.

Emily & Carole took part in a screen-printing workshop in June 2019 at Kinetika’s studio and later some of the T100 walks in July 2019.

“I previously had some experience of screen-printing from my Art Foundation Diploma. I really enjoyed this technique and was excited to practice it further and share the experience with my mum.

This workshop was led by Ali, Jo and Sofie. As we came to this project late, we screen-printed this lovely design which was ready made by another artist. The line work for the design was already prepared on the screen for printing, as this part of the process takes a little time.

Our role was to cut out the leaves and dandelion shapes from a sheet of paper to add colour to the background, and screen-print the designs onto the tablecloths and drawstring bags.

To screen-print the designs, the cut-out sheet is placed over a clear screen. This blocks out sections of the screen so fabric ink will not reach these areas which will then create the design. Using a teaspoon, we placed a line of ink along the bottom of the screen, and using the squeegee we swiped up and down the screen so that the open areas of the design were covered with ink.

To speed up the process we used hairdryers to dry the ink. When it was dry, we printed the next layer; the line art to finish the design.

I enjoyed experimenting with offset printing, and negative printing by placing the cut-out leaves onto the screen so that the background would then become printed and the leaves left the colour of the fabric underneath.”

Emily Moon

“I really enjoyed taking part in this workshop with Emily. I have some experience with silk painting from a previous workshop I attended at Kinetika with Emily a couple of years ago, but this was my first time printing on fabric. I was nervous to start but I ended up really enjoying screen-printing and meeting new people, which I would now call friends.

Following on from this workshop we attended the Purfleet walk of the T100 walks. During the walk we carried the T100 flags and Emily wore the backpack that we printed together. We learnt some really interesting pieces of history from Mike who led the walk. Once we reached High House, we stopped for lunch as a group, shared food and stories before going on a tour of High House and learnt more about the history of the site.

The last T100 walk ended at the Tilbury Carnival with lovely displays of music and dancing at Tilbury Cruise Terminal which we enjoyed.”

Carole Moon

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